Here’s How You Improve Your DND Gel Color Shine

DND nail polish imparts fantastic shine on your nails, whereby you can see your reflection on your nails. However, using the wrong techniques can rob the gel manicure of its luster. Know why your gel manicure does not shine at times and learn how to rectify the problem.

Reasons why your gel manicure is not shiny

We shall look at some of the primary reasons why your gel coating looks dull occasionally. Before that, here is a quick fix solution that you can try out.

If you fail to see your reflection on your nails after the gel manicure, you can apply an additional layer of topcoat and cure them under the UV/LED lamp for a minute or two. Your nails will come out shiny and resplendent.

Meanwhile, here are some mistakes that people make that result in the gel manicure losing its shine.

Not curing the gel topcoat properly is the primary reason

With dipping powder becoming the trend today, many women have forgotten that a gel topcoat requires proper curing under the UV/LED lamp. If you reduce the curing time, you will never get the mirror-like shine on your gel nails. Similarly, applying a thick topcoat layer prevents the UV light from curing the lower layers and cause it to look dull.

The Solution – The minimum curing time for a gel topcoat is 45 seconds to a minute. You can place your nails under the UV lamp a second time to ensure proper curing.

Oil residue or dust could stick to your nail

One should prepare the nails well before starting the gel manicure. The preparation involves removing the excess oil from the nail surface. Secondly, the gel polish can be sticky. You should avoid touching the nail surface before applying the topcoat. A single speck of dust can prevent DND DC gel polish colors from imparting the mirror-like finish.

The Solution – Clean your nails of all oil residue before the gel manicure. Avoid touching the nail surface before curing. You should also ensure there is no dust around when you sit for a gel manicure.

The wrong cleanser can give a dull finish

Gel topcoats are available in two types. The first type is the one that does not require any cleansing because you get the mirror-like finish immediately after curing the topcoat.

Gel topcoats that need cleansing will exhibit a dull layer of residue after curing. You should remove this layer using a good-quality cleanser. Generally, such cleaners contain isopropyl alcohol.

The Solution – Use a proper gel topcoat cleanser that is available in the DND polish set. Use this solution containing 70% isopropyl alcohol to remove the dull layer and make your nails shine.

Many people make the mistake of using nail polish remover to cleanse the topcoat layer. You should avoid that because nail polish removers contain acetone that dissolves the gel color and ruins the shine.

Excessive buffing destroys the shine

Many women have the habit of buffing their nails after the curing process. It is a wrong practice as buffing can remove the topcoat layer and destroy the shine. Gel topcoats do not need any buffing at all.

The Solution – It is not necessary to buff your nails again after the topcoat application and curing.

Using a faulty UV light can also ruin your shine

All electrical devices have a finite lifespan. If your UV lamp is an old one, it will not emit the UV rays in the correct proportion. It can result in improper curing. Thus, it affects your gel manicure and causes it to look dull.

The Solution – You can check out the lamp’s intensity and replace the bulbs if they have become old.

Nails placed incorrectly inside the UV lamp can affect its shine

Generally, you experience such problems with your thumbs or the little fingers. Your UV lamp has a specific area where the light emission is at the optimum level. If you place your nails far away from this position, less UV light will fall on the nail and result in inadequate curing.

The Solution – You should inspect the UV lamp properly and understand its configuration. With practice, you will know which areas inside the lamp offer the best UV penetration. You should concentrate on placing the nails at that spot.

Are two gel topcoat layers better than one?

Using quality products like the gel nail polish DND is ideal for getting the perfect mirror-like finish on your nails. If you find that your gel manicure has lost its luster after a week, you can always have a second round of topcoat application and curing to bring back the shine on your nails.


Gel nail manicures are fun. Use quality products like DND Gel Color and have a great time admiring your reflection on your nail.