How Do You Get the Best out of a Dipping Powder Kit

Dip powder manicures have revolutionized the nail cosmetics industry because of their beautiful nail finishes. Secondly, dip powder manicures are easy and can be had at home. You need not visit the nail salon for the manicure. The SNS dipping powder kit contains all the ingredients necessary for an impeccable dip powder manicure.

How Do You Get the Best out of a Dipping Powder Kit

Let us now learn how to get the best out of the dipping powder kit and use the various tools to our advantage.

Know What Your Dipping Powder Kit Contains

Newbies should purchase a quality dipping powder kit to ensure a high-quality manicure. Here is what your dipping powder kit contains.

Nail files

Nail files are critical to every manicure. You use these tools many times. Initially, you need the nail files to shape and smoothen your nail edges. But before that, we advise using a high-quality nail cutter to trim the nails to the correct size.

The nail files can help smooth out the rough edges and make it easy to have the dip powder manicure. You also need nail files to remove any residual nail polish from your nails.

Nail files help remove your existing dip powder manicure. Filing the powder from the nails is crucial because it reduces the acetone exposure period and works to your advantage. In addition, acetone can dehydrate your nails and the surrounding skin. Filing the nails is, therefore, advantageous before the removal procedure.

Nail buffs

Nail buffs help roughen the nail surface allowing the base coat to stick to the nail. Otherwise, the powder could slide off the smooth surface. In addition, the nail buff helps remove the excess dead skin on the nails and prepares it for the base coat.

Nail wipes

Nail wipes help clean the debris from the nail surface after the buffing procedure. Usually, these nail wipes are soaked in alcohol before you use them to wipe your nails. The purpose is to sanitize the nails while removing the debris simultaneously. In addition, nail wipes have other uses, such as clearing traces of dip powder that stick to your skin. It is also helpful to demarcate the line between the basecoat and the cuticle. Thus, it prevents the basecoat from flooding the cuticle area and damaging the manicure.

Cuticle pusher

Your cuticles should never come in the way of your dip powder manicure because it can damage its appearance. You must ensure that the basecoat does not flood the cuticle area. Therefore, we advise applying the basecoat three-fourths on the nail. The cuticle pusher helps keep the cuticles inside the grooves. You can gently push them back if they try to peek out from their grooves. An orangewood cuticle pusher is the best because it is soft and does not injure the cuticles or the skin around it.


The dip powder manicure is incomplete without the basecoat because the dip powder sticks to the basecoat alone and not to the nail surface. Therefore, we advise purchasing high-quality basecoats compatible with the dip powder colors you choose. Otherwise, the powder might not stick properly.

Dip powder colors

Then, you can look for the dip color powder bottle in the kit. SNS offers the most extensive range of dip powders on the market. You can use the SNS dipping powder colors chart to select your favorite colors. SNS has an exotic range of colors, each with multiple shades, from the light to the dark.

Vitamin Oil

Vitamin oil plays a critical role in the dip powder manicure. Your nails can become dry after the dip manicure removal procedure because acetone has dehydrating properties. The best way to rejuvenate your nails is to rehydrate them using SNS Vitamin Oil, a crucial ingredient of the SNS dipping powder kit.

Top coat

The topcoat application is the final step in a dipping powder manicure. The best feature of the dipping powder procedure is that it does not require a UV lamp for drying the topcoat. The dip powder topcoat is self-drying and does not need more than a minute to dry.

The dip powder topcoat application lends shine to the manicure. So, you can have multiple coats and go for a glossy finish. It can rival the gel manicure. Alternatively, you can have a single coat or two to finish with a matte layer. The choice is entirely yours.

Other miscellaneous items

Your dipping powder kit includes brushes, cotton swabs, cleansers, and other equipment necessary for a high-quality manicure.

Final Words

Who does not like to have a beautiful dip powder manicure? We advise investing in a high-quality dip powder manicure kit to ensure a perfect dip manicure that you can exhibit on social media. So, use these tools discussed here and get the best nail manicure in town.