Benefits of Gelixir Soak Off

Gelixir soak off gel polish colors is the BEST ever gel polish which could be dried with a UV light machine. Gelixir has a great range of colors ( in over 150+ colors) specially designed with a long-lasting formula. It lasts two to three weeks without any chipping.

This nail polish is used by manicure specialists. It is used by professional salon artists to please customers. Now, you can get it at home, in your own space. You can rock the professional look in a few simple processes. You need to buy a UV light machine if you already don’t own one. Although it starts off as an essential investment, it is cost-efficient over time.

Benefits of Gelixir Soak Off

How long does Gelixir last?

Once applied, the nail polish lasts around 20 days ( or more, if you give minimum care ). It does not wear out by fading away or chipping off. So, it’s perfect for long vacations. The gelixir nail polish gel and lacquer is an awesome pair to protect and nourish your nails. Give your nails the love they need.

The nail polish lacquer dries very quickly. It’s fantastic formula makes it dry off fast. Do not worry. Just because the formula is effective, it doesn’t mean it has harmful chemicals. The Gelxir nail polish is environmentally friendly as well. It dries in a matter of minutes. If you do not have a UV light machine, you can use LED light as a substitute. There are different periods for drying off in both the lights.

Great Features in Gelixir Soak Gel Nail Polish

Gelixir nail polish is for low-maintenance people too. Its one coat polish gives the perfect shine that you’re looking for. It is easy to polish and you can re-apply it or remove it in minutes. The best thing about soaking is it doesn’t hurt the cuticles. It does not cause any damage to the cuticles of nails. In fact, using Gelixir gives you time to grow your damaged or broken nail. Cuticles can be fixed and do not bleed or shrink if you use Gelixir polish.

This SOAK OFF NAIL POLISH is made of skin-friendly chemicals and formula that protects the nails from other external damages. There is no need to scratch your nails with sharp manicure tools. Say goodbye to pain from now on.

Gelixir is prepared authentically in The United States. It is the number one best-selling gel polish. It has durable shine and impressive resistance against wear off. The brush makes application a fun hobby, not something you’d have to work on seriously.

For best results, use the nail color on bare nails after moisturizing them well, first.

If even the smallest of the nail chips make your search for a hassle-free solution, then gelxir is the perfect choice for you. The best and unique combo of many active ingredients works to create the look and feel of a gel manicure like a salon professional. The best part, in the internet’s opinion, is the tension free soak off. It allows you to try different colors for different settings.

It is a tedious beauty task to search for a nail polish that gives you the perfect finish. By using Gelxir at home, by yourself the best way to care for your nails fashionably. Give Gelixir a chance and you’ll never switch to other brands.

Guide to choosing the right color

Gelxir offers formal and fun colors. Basically, you have every shade that you need. You can choose the color based on different criteria. The most checked criteria is skin tone. Nude shades go well with fair and medium skin tones. Pastels are complementary to dusky and dark skin tones. If you’re unsure about picking a color based on skin tone, you can always go with shades of pinks and blues.

You can also experiment with different colors. Most people choose festive colors that match the occasion. For example, red, green and white are the best colors that represent the Christmas season. They are bright colors against a cozy or snowy background.


Gelixir reviews is one of the most prominent polish brands in the global range. It would be shocking if the nail salons do not own rows of these best nail polish bottles. Gelxir offers several shades with a wide range of permanent colors along with seasonal collections. No matter which color you choose, you get a soft and smooth application, perfect coverage, and resistance to chipping.

Although gel nail polish is relatively less popular in comparison to acrylic nail paint, it has a variety of benefits, including its durability and beautiful finish. It is also quick drying and allows you to have a salon style manicure at home, with a few easily purchased tools . GELIXIR, AWESOME NAILS FOR YOU.