Nail Colors That Are Set to Rule in 2022

Having a gel manicure using the OPI gel color set is a beautiful experience. You get an exclusive range of colors when you buy OPI gel.  The overwhelming range of colors available with OPI can confuse people about which color to have on their nails in the new Year. We shall discuss the top nail polish colors that could rule 2022. Besides, these colors gel with your attire and match your skin tones perfectly.

Best Nail Colors in 2022

The Pristine White – The Most Peaceful Feeling

Nail Colors That Are Set to Rule

Nothing can be purer than soft white colors on your nails. Besides suiting all skin tones, the pure white shades redefine style and fashion to the next degree. Besides looking simplistic, the white nails allow you to experiment with artistic designs to enhance the overall appeal. Secondly, the pristine white shades introduce an element of tranquility to your personality and make you the star of the show.

The Salted Caramel – The New Nude Shade

Nail Colors That Are Set to Rule

Experts advise that nude shades are the best to have when confused about which shade to try on. Generally, people go for pink nudes to match their skin tones. However, the salted caramel nudes are perfect for people having a tan. This classic color enhances the traditional nude mani and gives it a soft, upbeat feeling.

The Traditional Pink –  Gives a Tender Look

Nail Colors That Are Set to Rule

The pink shades are the most popular amongst all generations. It is a universal choice for all skin tones. The lighter the shade, the more attractive it is. Besides, the OPI gel colors set offers an exciting range of pink shades to suit everyone’s taste. The best aspect of traditional pink is that it displays a pearlescent finish.

The Light Green – A Celebrity Shade

Nail Colors That Are Set to Rule

The light green colors are trending today, as they deliver the best opaque feel to your nails. Celebrities love these creamy green shades as it provides an air of sophistication and makes them stand apart from the crowd. In addition, these pigmented light green colors can brighten up any gathering you attend. So, when you buy OPI gel, you should look for the light green tone.

The Bright Blues – Amongst the Warmest of Shades

Nail Colors That Are Set to Rule

While you have the trendy greens and the innovative salted caramel shades topping the charts, you cannot ignore the warm blues. The deep navy blue shades have their admirers. These blue colors are perfect for the spring and summer season as you frolic on the beach. These warm shades have the potential to rule hearts in 2022.

The Mustard Yellows – License to Experiment

Nail Colors That Are Set to Rule

The mustard yellows should be the perfect choice for those who love to experiment. You can try different designs with mustard yellow as the base and a range of combination colors like deep reds and maroons. One of the prime qualities of mustard yellows is that they can flatter every skin tone.

The Warm Sandy Tones – Match Your Skin Color

Nail Colors That Are Set to Rule

It would be great to have the warm sandy tones on your nails if you have a light tan. While the lighter skin-colored women prefer the pink shades, the tanned women love the sandy hues as it looks perfect for their skin tone. With spring arriving soon, the sandy tones should provide the perfect setting.

The Bright Reds – A Perennial Favorite

Nail Colors That Are Set to Rule

With New Year out of the way, Valentine’s Day is the next big event lined up in the year. The bright reds should pep up the show and add to your glamor quotient as you scorch the dance floors during the Valentine’s Day celebrations. The red is the perfect party shade as it allows you to be the center of attraction.

The Creamy Purple Combo – An Attractive Change

Nail Colors That Are Set to Rule

The creamy purple combo should be ideal if you love to have a French manicure. The exciting aspect is that you can have either the purple or the cream color on the top, depending on your choice. It does not affect the glamor quotient in any way.

The Burgundy Shade – Redefines Glamor

Nail Colors That Are Set to Rule

People who love to have darker hues on their nails can try out the deep burgundy shades. These shades are perfect as the winter months have not yet passed. The dark tones introduce a sense of warmth and make your nails as attractive as they should be.

Final Words

It is natural for people to start the New Year with their most glamorous appearance. Having an attractive set of nails is a crucial aspect that no one can ignore. This blog discusses ten exciting colors that can rule 2022 and suit every skin tone, occasion, and season. So, if you are looking forward to continuing celebrating your New Year with a bang, you should purchase OPI gel polish and choose your best color options from the OPI gel colors set.