Good Alternatives to Remove Nail Polish From Nails, Skin, and Clothing

A dip powder manicure lasts comfortably for three to four weeks, after which it starts to look drab and unattractive. Therefore, you might have to remove it. Other occasions to remove nail polish can also arise if you accidentally spill it on your clothes or skin.

Remove Nail Polish From Nails, Skin, and Clothing

Generally, you use acetone nail polish removers for removing all nail polish residue, even the OPI dip nail colors. However, acetone can dehydrate your nails and skin. Therefore, you can look at other options to remove your OPI nail dip powder colors. One must concede that acetone nail polish removers are the best, but knowing alternative methods is worthwhile because these items might be readily available at home and can help in an emergency.

Quick Tips – Can Prove Useful in an Emergency

Applying new polish and removing it immediately

You can try this quick tip if you run out of nail polish removers. Apply a coat of new nail polish on your nails and wipe it off immediately. Though it does not remove the existing polish completely, it helps soften the layer and enables easy removal using other alternate methods.

Rub alcohol over your nails

Like acetone, alcohol is an organic solvent that can help break down nail polish. Yes, you can say that alcohol is not as efficient as acetone, but it can help remove your old OPI nail colors from your nails. While acetone can do the job in 30 minutes, alcohol might take around 45 minutes.

While pure alcohol is the best, you can use spirits like vodka, wine, or gin because these products contain a high alcohol content required to soften your nail polish layers and remove them. The ideal way is to soak your nails in these liquids for around 45 minutes and try peeling the polish layers off.

Hand sanitizer is a useful nail polish remover

Not every house would have alcohol in their refrigerators. However, hand sanitizers will always be present, especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The humble hand sanitizer solution contains alcohol content.

To soften your nail polish, you can soak your nails in a thick and concentrated hand sanitizer solution for around 45 minutes. Then, you can rub the dissolved nail polish layer using a piece of cloth or a cotton ball.

Your toothpaste can do the job equally well

Your toothpaste is another handy home accessory that can prove useful to remove OPI nail dip colors. If you have baking soda toothpaste, it is more useful than normal toothpaste. They are generally abrasive and can help scrape away the nail polish top layers comfortably after a few minutes of scrubbing. You can wipe your nails clear with a clean cloth and check whether this method worked or not.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent chemical compound that can help remove OPI colors from your nails. It is useful in various cosmetic products for diluting purposes. You can take hydrogen peroxide and mix it with hot water. Soak your nails in this solution for some time. Then, you can check whether the polish layer softens. If it does so, you can gently wipe it away using a clean piece of cloth.

Using a nail file

You can file away the nail polish layers using a sterilized nail file, though not always recommended. This method proves useful when the nail polish is near the end of its life. However, you should not overdo the filing procedure because it can scrape the top layer of the nail and damage it. As a result, your nail can take a long time to return to normalcy.

Let us now see how to remove nail polish from your skin or clothes.

  • Use a cotton swab and dip it in acetone or any nail polish removing solution and rub it on the skin where the polish has spilled. As acetone can dehydrate your skin, you should rehydrate it by massaging the area with cuticle oil.
  • If the nail polish falls on your clothes, you can remove the wet stains using absorbent paper. Subsequently, you have to wash the clothes using a stain-fighting detergent solution. Using vinegar can also soften the nail polish residue and help remove it. It is better to wash your clothes immediately after staining to prevent the stain from getting set. If the nail polish stain is deep, you have to enlist the services of a professional dry cleaner to remove the stains.

Final Thoughts

While acetone is the best nail polish removal solution, you can use alternative modes to remove OPI dip nail colors. We have discussed some easy methods. Though they are not as effective as acetone, they can prove handy in an emergency. Besides, these items would always be available in your homes.

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