Cool Tie-Dye Nail Art Using Dip Powders to Try This Summer

There is no need for you to go back in time just to experience the summer camp vibes again where you can wear that old colourful camp T-shirt, you can now wear that art in your nails. Yes, you read it right! You can now sport that kaleidoscope inspired nail art via the tie-dye nail design trend. This design that has been popularized in the 70’s has taken the Instagram by storm. Fingertips and social media post using the theme “tie-dye nail art” has been increasing at an alarming rate. Not only that, the arts-and-crafts pattern is also having a moment in the fashion limelight as many known personalities are seen donning the look. What makes the look an instant favourite? Well for one, it is easy to do and there is no extreme precision required. Anyone can do it, even you and here are some basic designs to get you started:

tie dye nail design

1. The Sky Is On My Finger

Gazing at the sky while lying on the beach shore is very relaxing but you can’t always be on the beach every time. Your fingertips can help you live that vibe with this tie-dye design. Using LDS D10 Lavender Ballad, LDS D88 Powder blue and LDS D27 Blue or Green, you can have the summer feel in your fingernails without visiting the beach.

2. Love Is In the Air

Being in Love during summer is very romantic and if you want to have that feeling all the time, then you might want to try this tie-dye nail art on your nail. Using the same set of nail dipping powder from The Sky Is On My Finger, the addition of LDS D75 Grace Upon Grace will give you a completely different look that resembles the feeling of being in love.

3. Zen Garden

Another great way to remove stress from your body is to visit a garden but your schedule may not always permit you do to that. If you can’t visit a garden anytime soon you can always bring one on your fingernails. The combination of LDS D27 Blue or Green, LDS D145 Rolling with the homies and LDS D102 In the lime light will give you a Zen Garden inspired tie-dye nail art that will give you a stress-free vibe round the clock.

4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

The Rainbow has 7 colours but you can achieve that look by combining LDS D75 Grace Upon Grace, LDS D27 Blue or Green and LDS D11 Mellow Yellow. A good tie-dying technique will give you that a-ok rainbow look.

5. The Beauty of Sunset

Watching the sun set after a long days work is also relaxing, the beautiful hue of red gives a soothing feeling. There is no need to wait for the sunset to feel relaxed because your nails can give you that feeling anytime of the day. LDS D37 Out Loud, D07 Just Peachy and D109 A Hint of Sky will help you achieve that tie-dye nail art look.