Fancy Dip Powder Nails for you

It’s always great to have a perfect finish to your nails after getting your expensive manicure done, however, it is essential to take extra care of your freshly done manicure to avoid chipping or cracks of the nail polish.

Cracking or chipping of the nails may be an inevitable thing, especially if you have chores to do.

For this reason, dip powder nails have become a favorite and the top choice for busy ladies who want strong and neat nails that won’t chip or crack, even after weeks of doing their manicure.


Most Dip powder nails use materials such as top coat, EA bond and base coat together with powder color, perfectly refined and the nails are dipped into it. Your nails feel fresh, smooth and rich after this application.

Another advantage of applying LDS dip powder nails is the strong color and thick texture it provides, while making the nails stronger and giving a shiny and glossy finish, yet tough and would not easily crack or chip, even as long as 2-3 weeks after applying it.

Applying this is very easy and effortless, and a wide range of colors are available, with amazing results and professional outcomes while you do it yourself.

Of the numerous top-quality dip powder systems, the Lavis Dip powder system offers the most attractive and admirable outcomes when you want perfect glossy nails that will last long for as long as 3 weeks.

With the LDS dip nail system, one can get a wide range of dip powder colors which may be shiny, glittery or glossy, giving your nails a perfect look. You can opt for the French white or perfect pink if you need a strong and natural look. Application is simple, and the end result is admirable.

LDS dip nails are available in a huge variety of colors and designs. Some of these colors include hot pink, purple, brown, green, blue, nude, glitter and so many other cool fashionable colors that you’ll love and are suitable for your needs, giving you an exquisite look after application. With this wide variety of amazing powder colors, you can also get an EA bond liquid or solution, with the that saves LDS liquid, base coat, top coat and sealer dry to give your nails a professional home treatment with great finishing that can only be gotten in a salon or at an expert nail care center. Nail designs get more interesting as they can often be designed according to seasons or holidays, making it attractive.

You can save lots of money by doing your manicures at home, however, regular nail polish will likely chip after some days of application. This is the reason why many brands have started sales of home gel kits that give the same result as salon manicures at affordable and enticing prices. These gel polish kits have slowly dominated the market, and it becomes better with the new home manicure technique, the dip powder nail kit. These LDS dip nail kits can be gotten at any wholesale nail supplies store.

What is a dip powder manicure?

Dip powder manicures last longer and don’t use UV light in getting hardened. The nails get colored by getting dipped into a color pigment, instead of painting on liquid streaks. The outcome of this is a flawless and chic nail, usually achieved by professionals alone, up until now.

Are dipped powder nails better than gel?

The major difference between dip powder and gel is its permanence. Manicures using dip powder last as long as month, usually twice longer than gel nail polish. In addition, in dip powder manicures, light curing lamps aren’t required. This goes to say that you won’t need extra space to fit your bulky nail lamp in your drawer or closet and you don’t need to bother about UV exposure.

How are dip powder nail polish applied at home?

Application of dip powder manicure is quite easy. First of all, you have to prep the nail. You do this by pushing your cuticles back and getting the nails filed into the shape you so desire. Next, you use a nail cleanser to get rid of dirt and oil from your nail and ensure it is clean and dry. When your nails are clean, it makes it easy to apply a base coat on your nail then dip into powder color. Then use a duster brush in removing excess powder. Repeat this process; double dunk to make sure it is well covered and gives a strong finish in the end for a manicure that won’t chip.

Last but not the least, paint the nails with the activator. This bonds the powder into a gloss, then apply the top coat to give it extra strength.

Are dip powder nails safe?

Are you worried about your nail health. You shouldn’t worry any longer, dip powder won’t spoil your nails. Rather, picking the manicure off or scraping it will harm it. If you chip off at your nails using a nail stick, it removes layers of your natural nail bed, making your nails weak. In place of that, remove your dip powder nail polish using the same process of removal like gel which involves dipping a cotton pad in acetone and letting it sit on your nails for about 10 to 15 minutes before removing the color. If the manicure doesn’t go off after about 15 minutes, allow your nails to soak in the polish remover for a longer time. Also, remember to add moisturizer to the nails when you finish.